Ag & Natural Resources - Goal 3

Michigan actively protects its best agricultural land, forests and wild places. These landscapes are valued for their natural beauty and diversity, ecosystem services and for the human livelihoods they support. They are not threatened by unplanned development.

IN 20 YEARS - Planning for infrastructure and land use development is moved to the regional level. Communities maintain unique identities through local ordinances, but rely on regional entities for the management and implementation of planning and zoning decisions that impact infrastructure, transportation loads, schools, etc.

IN 10
YEARS - There is a state-level Smart Growth office responsible for coordinating local land use plans to ensure compatibility with one another, guide long-term state goals for agriculture, forestry, habitat and recreation. The state approves local infrastructure plans with consideration for their perpetual care and the state's financial ability to support and sustain its infrastructure and support future development.

IN 2
YEARS - A robust state purchase of development rights (PDR) program is established wherein landowners may voluntarily sell the development rights on lands that have significant undeveloped "resource" value, i.e., agriculture, forestry or recreation use.