Ag & Natural Resources - Goal 4

There are more acres of parks and publicly owned lands, and they are more connected by urban and rural trails, bike paths and greenways. Unique landscapes that define Michigan's character and quality of life are permanently protected and publicly accessible, including lakeshore dunes, wetlands, farms, forests and wild recreational lands.

IN 20 YEARS - All Michigan residents living within a city or village reside within ¼ mile of a park or greenspace that is safe, attractive and clean.

IN 10 YEARS - Ecologically significant portions of the state's most unique and/or threatened landscapes (critical dunes, headwaters, prime farmland, etc.) have been targeted for acquisition through a public-private partnership between the state and local conservancies. Sustainable management plans put into place that ensure the perpetual care, enjoyment and ecosystem health of parks and natural areas.

IN 2 YEARS - The state has identified the state's priority areas for future outdoor tourism and recreation and has created a program intended to direct more of the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund and other fund sources into acquiring and developing these areas in partnership with the private sector.