Energy - Goal 2

Renewable energy and storage systems are deployed on scales adequate to meet in-state power and heating needs.

IN 20 YEARS - Renewable energy systems meet over half of Michigan’s electricity needs. Utility-scale energy storage, including a rapidly growing fleet of battery-powered vehicles, has replaced the need for centralized base-load power generation.

IN 10 YEARS - At least 20 percent of Michigan’s electricity comes from renewable sources, including offshore wind turbines in the Great Lakes. Small-scale wind turbines, solar panels and biomass systems are burgeoning. Industrial and large commercial facilities have been retrofitted for combined heating and power (CHP) to utilize waste heat. Building codes require solar water heaters for new construction and major renovations.

IN 2 YEARS - Utility companies are ahead of meeting Michigan’s initial renewable portfolio standard (RPS) requirement (10% by 2015) due primarily to significant amounts of cost-effective onshore and offshore wind power. New laws encourage distributed renewable generation including solar photovoltaic (PV) and small-scale wind systems.