Great Cities - Goal 1


Cities are safe, efficient, diverse, inspiring places. They attract, welcome, and empower all people, regardless of ethnicity, race, age, education or background. Urban neighborhoods offer desirable housing options, strong schools and good jobs.

IN 20 YEARS - Michigan's largest metro regions are more racially, ethnically and economically integrated, and are more similar to successful metropolitan areas like Boston, Austin, Toronto and Madison in terms of racial and ethnic distribution. Both employment opportunities and income levels are distributed more evenly across regions. Urban core neighborhoods host a diverse mix of low, middle and high income residents.

IN 10 YEARS - Regional tax-base sharing is implemented that reduces concentration of tax burden. Plans and programs are created to ensure accessibility of housing through regional strategies that improve the development and distribution of affordable housing of all types. School districts are required to rebuild existing schools before building new ones.

IN 2 YEARS - "Live where you work," "pay-as-you-drive," contaminated site clean-up, hospital relocation and school improvement programs are created and have begun to provide more incentives and benefits to people choosing to live in urban areas. Environmental justice policies are being implemented, including a multi-departmental advisory committee at the state level, and these programs have begun to reduce the disproportionate pollution burdens born by members of our poorest communities.