Great Cities - Goal 5

Support for strong schools and lifelong learning opportunities help more residents of Michigan's core cities secure high school, college and advanced degrees. More highly educated graduates and employers from other areas are inspired to move into cities.

IN 20 YEARS - Funding has enabled urban schools to offer innovative programs that attract new students from outside the district, becoming a desirable option for families across the region to send their children. The number of residents in core cities holding degrees (high school, associates, bachelor's or better) has increased to be on par with suburban communities, and the number of college-educated residents in central cities is dramatically higher.

IN 10 YEARS - Urban neighborhoods schools are redesigned to function as schools and community education centers, where both children (during school) and parents (after hours) frequently attend classes, community events and other functions related to improving life and job skills.

IN 2 YEARS - The education system in urban areas is redesigned to emulate on a large scale the approach taken in the "Harlem Childen's Zone" model, focusing on success from before birth through college.