Sustainable Communities - Goal 3

Communities of all sizes are integrated and provide welcoming homes to a wider range of people of different races, ethnicities, backgrounds, ages, education and income levels.

IN 20 YEARS - Urban centers and rural outskirt areas are no longer host to concentrated poverty, while exurban areas host the majority of the wealth. Both opportunity and income levels are distributed more evenly across regions: both metropolitan areas and rural regions.

IN 10 YEARS - Regional tax-base sharing is implemented that reduces concentration of tax burden. Fair-share housing programs are created that require regional approaches to the development of affordable housing. School districts are required to rebuild existing schools before building new ones in distant, undeveloped green fields or open spaces.

IN 2 YEARS - "Live where you work," "pay-as-you-drive," and urban school programs are created that provide more incentives and benefits for living in urban areas.