Transportation - Goal 2

Families are connected within their neighborhoods by safe, walkable, and bikeable routes, and across their cities and throughout their state by a variety of comfortable and reliable transportation options.

IN 20 YEARS - Bicycling and walking are fully integrated into Michigan’s transportation system which allows travelers to move safely and seamlessly from non-motorized to motorized travel. Families may conveniently travel by rail from southeast Michigan to Traverse City for vacation and from Grand Rapids to Lansing for work.

IN 10 YEARS - Passenger trains connect our northern and southern cities and our west and east coasts. The miles of bike lanes and dedicated bike and pedestrian paths across the state have doubled since 2010. Michigan has established a state public transportation agency which plans public transit networks and operates or oversees intercity passenger rail and bus service. The State of Michigan, universities and other employers – with MEC leading the way – provide employees free transit passes and have steeply increased parking fees.

IN 2 YEARS - Complete Streets policies are on the books as law at the state level and in all Act 51-recipient communities.  Some components of existing public transportation plans are implemented, such as the Detroit area Regional Transit Coordinating Council (RTCC) plan, making travel by public transportation easier, safer and more convenient in metro Detroit.  A regional transit authority is established and is coordinating, planning, and contracting for public transportation service in the metro Detroit area.