Water - Goal 2

Water features are the focal point for communities across the state, demonstrating the centrality of water to our lives and providing the foundation for a healthy economy.  Land use decisions universally enhance or protect water quality.

IN 20 YEARS – Michigan actively promotes stewardship of water as a method of attracting businesses and people to locate within the state.  Communities have revised master plans and make land use decisions with a focus on maximum utilization of water resources. 

IN 10 YEARS – Regional efforts have been undertaken on all of Michigan’s larger rivers to address nutrient loading and pollution sources.  Regional coordination leads to improved quality and coordinated efforts on restoration.  Low-impact development becomes the norm and is complimented with restoration projects that improve water quality over time.

IN 2 YEARS – Water quality impacts are integrated into land use decision-making processes.  Community efforts are focused on improving water quality and increasing water-based recreational opportunities in communities across the state.   The water withdrawal assessment tool is utilized in a growing number of communities to ensure water is available for intended uses.