Water - Goal 3

Natural systems are the backbones of our water management philosophy. They control flooding and provide natural filtration of pollutants. These systems are complemented with water treatment systems that virtually eliminate the discharge of sewage into our waterways.

20 YEARS – The state has adopted a no net loss of wetlands policy, and natural ecosystems across the state are being restored to work with nature for their long-term preservation.

10 YEARS Dam removals in communities across the state have improved hydrology and restored healthy aquatic ecosystems.   Coastal wetlands have been preserved and are only allowed to be filled when significant restoration efforts far exceed the expected impacts.  The headwater areas of rivers and streams are mapped and received heighten protection from development pressures.

2 YEARS The Wetland Protection Act is reauthorized and strengthened, securing state control over the program and long-term funding.  Sewer infrastructure investments, utilizing the latest soft path stormwater management techniques, are commenced or continued in Michigan’s older urban and suburban areas.