Water - Goal 1

High quality surface water and groundwater resources are preserved and degraded water bodies are restored. Impacts from invasive species are minimized.  Rivers, lakes and streams are protected and nurtured so that they are fully available for recreational activities such as boating, swimming and fishing.

IN 20 YEARS – 90% of Michigan waters are considered to be available for the full spectrum of recreational opportunities.  Measures are in place that virtually eliminate the introduction of new invasive species into the Great Lakes through shipping channels.  Toxic chemical use reduction efforts have minimized risks to drinking waters.

IN 10 YEARS – Nutrient runoff from agricultural use is substantially reduced, resulting in measurable improvements of water quality in rivers and streams across the state. A statewide monitoring network has been established to identify areas with chronic impairment.  Drinking water sources are protected because responsible parties have addressed over 50% of the 7,000 leaking underground storage tanks statewide.   

IN 2 YEARS – Legislation is adopted that requires the periodic inspection of onsite septic systems.  Funding for leaking underground storage tank cleanups is reauthorized and increased funding is dedicated to addressing the 7,000 sites statewide.