Friends and allies:

A brighter future for Michigan isn’t just an abstract idea. It’s the overarching goal of the Michigan Environmental Council and the thousands of allied organizations and individuals we work with to ensure that future generations of Michiganders enjoy the blessings of our richly diverse state.

But it’s difficult, perhaps impossible, to secure that better future without a shared vision of the future. A future where energy needs are met affordably, reliably and cleanly. Where thriving centers of commerce and entertainment prosper in harmony with the spectacular waters and other resources that are our greatest natural assets. Where neighborhoods are safe, clean and green, and where access to healthy local foods and efficient transportation options buoys our quality of life.

Defining that kind of future is the goal of this document. Michigan 50 Year Vision paints the broad brush strokes of a Michigan circa 2060 that is a safer, healthier, more prosperous place for our children and grandchildren.

We expect this is the beginning of a statewide discussion designed to identify our destination in the year 2060. A road map, if you will, showing how we might reach the Michigan we all want and deserve for those who come after us.

This vision is a living, breathing document that requires shaping and input from every corner of our great state. We, you and I and the thousands of Michiganders striving for a shared vision must share ownership of this vision for it to be successful.

So we ask you to help us shape this future by providing direction and input on this document. Your input will be incorporated into future drafts of Michigan’s 50 Year Vision. We hope the final product will be a valuable tool for planners, policy makers and visionaries of today and tomorrow. We want them to use this map to plot their course to a Michigan we can be proud of.

Send us your thoughts and suggestions, either by commenting online, writing to us, or by sending an email message to

Friends, this isn’t a utopian dream. At MEC we recognize that the road to a better future is littered with pitfalls, dangers and dead-ends. Shaping public policies to arrive at our 2060 destination is grueling, painstaking work. Two steps backward for every three forward is the way public policy works. We’re willing to do that hard work. And a shared vision helps keep us all focused on our destination.

We look forward to your comments and to future discussions with everyone who has a stake in, and a love for, this great state we call home.

Thank you,

Chris Kolb, President

Michigan Environmental Council